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Welcome to Scan Quest, where event engagement knows no bounds! Our innovative mobile solution is packed with features designed to transform your events into thrilling adventures. With Scan Quest, the possibilities are endless – and now, we’ve expanded our challenge types to include even more ways to captivate your participants. As seen in NYSN, Salt Lake City School District, Adventure.com, Fairfield Public Schools, and Pogo Events, Scan Quest is your ultimate partner for exceptional event experiences.

Key Features and Benefits

Great features all in one app

  • Scalability Beyond Limits: Whether you’re engaging a handful of participants or a massive crowd, Scan Quest scales effortlessly to accommodate any number of Questers, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone.
  • Diverse Challenge Selection: With an array of 13 challenge types and counting, Scan Quest offers unparalleled variety. And stay tuned, because we have even more challenges in development for the next version – get ready for an even sweeter adventure!
  • Personalized Branding: Make your mark with Scan Quest by branding your event, products, or any imagery associated with your game. Your unique branding will be prominently displayed online and within the application, giving your event a distinct and memorable identity.
  • Seamless Photo Syncing: Capture the best moments of your event as friends, family, customers, or students embark on their quest. Sync these cherished photos effortlessly for editing, scrapbooking, or any creative use you envision.
  • Flexible Scoring Options: Enjoy the flexibility of both online and offline scoring. Participants can engage with your event and earn points whether they’re connected to the internet or not, ensuring a seamless experience regardless of connectivity.
  • Three Dynamic Gameplay Modes: Tailor your quest to suit your vision with three unique gameplay modes. Choose from downloading questions, scanning challenges, or a combination of both, empowering you to create an engaging and personalized adventure.
  • Social Media Integration: Instantly share the excitement on social media with Scan Quest’s built-in integration. Participants can showcase their progress, achievements, and memorable moments, extending the reach of your event.
  • Craft Your Own Instructions: Take control of the narrative by creating custom instructions that guide participants through your event. Craft a captivating storyline, provide clear directions, and enhance engagement with your unique touch.
  • Anti-Cheating Measures: Bid farewell to cheating concerns – once the quest concludes, players are restricted from making any further changes or alterations. This ensures a fair and transparent gameplay experience for all.

Explore Our Expanded Challenge Types:

  • Trivia Challenge: Test participants’ knowledge with thought-provoking trivia questions that add an educational twist to your event.
  • Multiple Choice Challenge: Engage participants with options and choices, enhancing the interactivity and decision-making within your event.
  • Draw Challenge: Unleash participants’ creativity with built-in drawing tools or finger/gesture drawing options, adding an artistic flair to your challenges.
  • Go To / To Do / Action Challenge: Incorporate GPS elements, guiding participants to specific locations or tasks, enhancing the real-world adventure.
  • Bring Back Challenge: Encourage participants to retrieve physical items or capture photos of specific landmarks, fostering exploration and creativity.
  • Check-In Challenge: Utilize GPS to ensure participants are physically present at designated locations, preventing cheating and enhancing event authenticity.
  • Info Break Challenge: Provide additional information or group-specific instructions to enhance engagement and offer bonus points or advantages.
  • Prize Single Scan Challenge: Add excitement with instant rewards in ‘print & scan’ mode, allowing participants to claim prizes upon completing challenges.
  • Prize Multi Scan Challenge: Enable multiple prize connections to points and prizes, enhancing the incentive to complete challenges and earn rewards.
  • Points Challenge: Award specific points for completed challenges, incorporating positive and negative integers to add a strategic element.
  • Points Range Challenge: Offer random points within a specified range, infusing unpredictability and excitement into point-based challenges.

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Are you ready to redefine event hosting and engagement? Embrace the power of Scan Quest’s remarkable features and diverse challenge types to create immersive and thrilling experiences for your participants. From branding your event to preventing cheating and exploring innovative challenge styles, Scan Quest offers endless opportunities. Dive into the future of event interaction with Scan Quest and discover the extraordinary.

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