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Welcome to Scan Quest’s creative hub – your gateway to crafting extraordinary event experiences! With our user-friendly platform, you’re just a few steps away from creating an immersive adventure that engages and captivates participants. Whether you’re organizing a corporate team-building activity, a school event, or a thrilling scavenger hunt, Scan Quest empowers you to design an event that leaves a lasting impression.

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Crafting Your Adventure

  • Choose Your Challenge Styles and Gameplay: With Scan Quest, you’re in control. Select from a range of challenge styles – whether it’s the classic Show in App, interactive Print and Scan, or the dynamic Combination, the choice is yours.
  • Explore Diverse Challenge Types: Elevate your event with an array of 13 challenge types, from Trivia and Multiple Choice to Draw, Go To, Bring Back, and beyond. Each challenge type adds a unique layer of excitement to your quest.
  • Customize Your Instructions: Craft your own narrative and instructions to guide participants through your event. Add intrigue, provide context, and set the tone for an unforgettable adventure.
  • Personalize Branding: Showcase your event, products, or brand with personalized imagery and branding. Make your event uniquely yours with Scan Quest’s branding features.
  • Real-time Tracking and Scoring: Monitor participants’ progress in real time and award points seamlessly, whether online or offline. Keep participants engaged and motivated throughout the quest.
  • Social Media Integration: Let the world share in the excitement. Integrate social media effortlessly to showcase achievements and memorable moments from your event.

Please Note: Anti-Cheating Measures in Place

At Scan Quest, we take fairness seriously. To prevent cheating and ensure the integrity of your event, please be aware that all codes can only be scanned once per device, per quest, after scanning the start code. This safeguard prevents fraudulent use and ensures a level playing field for all participants.